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Turnn aroundd

G| -------0--0---

B| --5------------

Look att what youu see

B| --1--3--5--6--8---6--5--6--5--3--5--3--1--

Inn her facee

G| -------0--0---

B| --5------------

Thee mirror off your dreamm

B| --1--1--3--5--6--8---6--5--6--5--3--5--3--1--

Makee believee I am everywheree

B| -----------------------4--

E| --3--3-3--3--4--3-------

Givenn in thee light

E| --3--3--3--4--1---

Writteen on thee pages iss

B| ----------------------4--

E| --3--3-3--6-4--3-------

Thee answer too ourr never endingg

B| --1--------------------------4--3--

E| -------3--3--3--4--1--1-----------

Storyy ah..

B| --1---------------------------3---------3--1--3--

E| -------3--3---1--0--1--0--------0----------------

Reach thee starss

Flyy a fantasyy....

Dreamm a dreamm

And whatt you see will bee....

Rhymess that keepp their secretss will

Unfold behind thee cloudss

And theree upon a rainboww iss

Thee answer too our neverr ending

Storyy ah...

Storyy ah...

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